Malachite Green Solution

Catalog No.:  K-1501

Description:  Echelon's Malachite Green Solution provides a simple and convenient method for detection of lipid and protein phosphatases. Simply mix Malachite Green Solution with a room temperature phosphatase reaction, incubate 15-30 min, then read (abs. 600-680nm). The liberated phosphate, released durring a phosphatase reaction, forms a colored complex with molybdate/malachite green. Malachite Green Solution can measure as little as 50 pmoles of free phosphate and has a high level of accuracy in the range of 200 to 2,000 pmol of phosphate per assay point.


20 mL


>6 mos. at 4°C

Please also see: K-1500: Malachite Green assay kit

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Tech Data Sheet - TDS_K-1501_rev1

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