PIP Microarray Plate

Catalog No.:  M-1000

Description:  The PIP Microarray Plate is a streptavidin-coated 96-well microtiter plate in which all eight phosphoinositides (biotinylated) are printed onto each well in 650 μm (diameter) spots. The spots are arrayed 1400 μm (x and y axis) apart from each other in each well (see data sheet for a picture of the layout of a well). A positive control protein and secondary antibody (anti-GST-HRP) are included with each order. This plate is useful for determining the selectivity of mutiple proteins against all phosphoinositides.


Upon receipt, the kit should be stored at 4 °C protected from light. Under proper storage conditions, the kit components should remain stable for at least 12 months from date of receipt. Allow the reagents to warm to room temperature before opening vials.

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M-1000-1ea $ 499.00
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Tech Data Sheet - M-1000

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