Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Assay Service

Catalog No.:  T-1900

Description:  The S1P assay services uses the S1P ELISA kit (K-1900) to quantify S1P in biological samples (96-well format). Sphingosine 1 Phosphate (S1P) is a key component of the sphingolipid signaling cascade. S1P initiates a proliferative, pro-angiogenic, and anti-apoptotic sequence of events contributing to cancer progression. Recent research has suggested that S1P is a potent tumorigenic growth factor that is likely released from tumor cells and that S1P may be a novel biomarker for early stage cancer detection. Sphingosine kinase has also been shown to be up-regulated in a variety of cancer types (S1P is produced via the activity of sphingosine kinase phosphorylating sphingosine). The Echelon S1P Assay is a sensitive and robust method for the quantification of S1P in biological samples.

Please refer to the technical data sheet for sample considerations and shipping information. To place an order please contact Echelon at 801.588.0455.


The S1P Assay Service was co-developed using a proprietary monoclonal antibody from Lpath Inc. (San Diego, CA). Lpath, Inc. has a number of patent applications pending or issued covering material(s) incorporated into this assay. The assay’s sole permitted use is for non-clinical research to measure S1P in biological samples. Any other use, including drug discovery, requires a license from Lpath. (

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