Collagen IV Assay Service

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Description:  Collagen IV is a major component of extracellular matrix and basement membranes of blood vessels. It has been demonstrated that a variety of diseases cause alterations in Collagen IV synthesis, degradation and release at the tissue level. The serum level of Collagen IV is altered in several types of diseases, including liver fibrosis (a good index with hyaluronic acid) and cirhosis. Collagen IV has also been implicated in cancer. Research has shown that the loss of Collagen IV in the basement membrane (with a concurrent increase in collagenase activity) positively correlates with the progression of cancer. Collagen IV in the sera may be indicative of tissue Collagen IV degradation and may correlate with cancer progression.

The Collagen IV ELISA service uses a sandwich ELISA (Collagen IV ELISA Kit, K-1700) for the quantification of soluble human Collagen IV. The assay is comprised of a Collagen IV capture bound to each well of a 96 well plate. Each plate has been blocked to minimize non specific binding of sample components. Samples containing Collagen IV are added to each well and the sample Collagen IV is bound to the Collagen IV capture attached to the plate. Detection is accomplished using an Anti-Collagen IV-HRP conjugate followed by the addition of a substrate that changes color in the presence of HRP. The colorimetric substrate reaction is stopped by adding 1N Sulfuric acid. The colorimetric reaction is measured by a microtiter plate reader measuring the absorbance at 450 nm. Non-linear regression analysis generates a standard curve from which the sample Collagen IV concentrations are determined.

Please refer to the technical data sheet for sample considerations and shipping information.  To place an order please contact Echelon at 801.588.0455.

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