Heme Oxygenase Inhibitor Toolbox

Catalog No.:  F-HOIT

Description:  The Heme Oxygenase Inhibitor Toolkit contains three inhibitors to heme oxygenase and a negative control [Cu (II) Protoporphyrin IX]. Heme Oxygenase catalyzes the conversion of heme to biliverdin in the heme degradation pathway and has been implicated in tumor cell resistance to chemotherapy, reduction of free radical formation and inflammation, and is associated with vesicular repair.

Heme Oxygenase Inhibitor Toolbox contains:
Zn (II) Protoporphyrin IX (F-H060), 100 mg
Cu (II) Protoporphyrin IX (F-H070), 50 mg
Sn (IV) Protoporphyrin IX Dichloride (F-H080), 250 mg
Zn (II) Deuteroepophyrin IX 2,4 bis ethylenglycol (F-H090), 25 mg


The components of the Heme Oxygenase Inhibitor Kit stable for at least one year when stored as a solid, protected from moisture, at -20 °C. Protect from light.

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Tech Data Sheet - F-HOIT

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