CML Competitive ELISA

Catalog No.:  K-3900

Description:  Echelon's CML Competitive ELISA is a competitive immunoassay that quantifies CML in biological samples.

Assay Range: 3.2 - 10,000 ng/mL
Sample volume: 20 μL/sample
Assay Incubation Time: 3.5 hr

Product Background: CML in the sample competes with plate-bound CML for antibody binding; a decreasing signal in the plate indicates an increasing CML concentration in the sample.
Carboxymethyl Lysine (CML) is an advanced glycation endproduct (AGE) formed by oxidative stress and glycosylation. AGE's, including CML, can accumulate in tissues causing inflammation. Excessive AGE's also reduce antioxidant defense, weaken immune systems, impair DNA repair mechanisms, and promote the accumulation of toxins and infections in tissues. CML adducts have been found to accumulate in many diseases including Alzheimers disease, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), accelerated periodontal disease, renal disease, and atherosclerosis.

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Tech Data Sheet - TDS_ K-3900_ Rev3

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