Biotinylated Versican G1 Domain

Catalog No.:  G-HA02

Description:  Versican is one of the many hyaluronan binding proteins that belong to the link module superfamily. Versican binds hyaluronan through the specific binding domain called “link module”, in which, it contains an immunoglobulin domain and two contiguous link modules. Echelon bVG1 contains only the biotinlyated G1 domain from versican.


Store at -80 ºC. Protein is stable for at least 6 months from date of shipment. Avoid freeze thaw cycles.

Featured in Publications:

Yuan, H., R. Amin, et al. (2015). "Determination of hyaluronan molecular mass distribution in human breast milk." Analytical Biochemistry 474: 78-88.

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Tech Data Sheet - TDS_G-HA02_Rev2

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