AS1938909 (SHIP2 Inhibitor)

Catalog No.:  B-0343
MW: 428.28
CAS: 1243155-40-9

Description:  AS1938909 is a potent SHIP2 inhibitor (Ki = 0.44uM). This compound shows signficant selectivity over some related phosphatases (IC50 = 0.18uM, 21uM, >50uM for mSHIP2, hSHIP2, hPTEN respectively). It also enhances Akt phosphorylation and increases glucose consumption and uptake in L6 myotubes.


2-8 °C


A Suwa, T Yamanoto et al. "Glucose metabolism activation by SHIP2 inhibitors via up-regulation of GLUT1 gene in L6 myotubes" Eur J Pharmaco, 2010, 642, 177

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Tech Data Sheet - TDS_B-0343 _Rev1_AS1938909

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