PS Lipid Microparticles

Catalog No.:  P-B1PS

Description:  Phosphatidylserine (PS) Lipid Microparticles contain attached phospholipids with the phospholipid headgroups exposed and available for biological interactions. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an anionic, intracellular phospholipid component of the cell membrane and is involved in cell signaling including apoptosis.

Technicial Notes:
1. Total lipid concentration is approximately 1 μmol per 1 mg particles.
2. Trace amounts of a fluorescent lipid are embedded in the particles. The fluor has maximal excitation/emission at approximately 460/540 nm.
3. Particle size is 3 ┬Ám.


4 °C - do not freeze

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P-B1PS-0.1ml $ 105.00
P-B1PS-0.5ml $ 315.00
Additional Information:
Tech Data Sheet - TDS_P-B1PS

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assay and reagents for drug discovery in lipid signaling pathways