2,3,22,23-Dioxidosqualene (mixture of diastereomers)

Catalog No.:  S-0302
MW: 442.72
CAS: 31063-19-1

Description:  2,3,22,23-Dioxidosqualene is a substrate for oxidosqualene cyclase forming 24,25-oxidolanosterol.


-20°C or below

Featured in Publications

1) Z. Duniec-Dmuchowski, H. L. Fang, S. C. Strom, E. Ellis, M. Runge-Morris and T. A. Kocarek. (2009) "Human pregnane X receptor activation and CYP3A4/CYP2B6 induction by 2,3-oxidosqualene:lanosterol cyclase inhibition" Drug Metab Dispos 37(4), 900-8

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Tech Data Sheet - S-0302

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