Anti-hVps34 Antibody for IP

Catalog No.:  Z-R015


Z-R015 is affinity purified rabbit polyclonal anti-hVps34 antibody.  It is a non-inhibitory immunoprecipitation of human Vps34 from cell lysate.  There is no need to elute the enzyme prior to activity assay.  See figure above for hVps34 activity data obtained using Z-R015 in IP. 

Antigen: human Vps34 (PIK3C3, Class III PI3-Kinase). 

For Western Blot application, we recommend anti-hVps34 antibody, cat# Z-R016. 


  • 250 µg/mL


  • Antibody is formulated in 100 mM Tris-HCl, 100 mM glycine, pH 7.5, and 50% glycerol.

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Tech Data Sheet - TDS_Z-R015 Anti-hVps34 Ab for IP_rev2x

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