Protoporphyrin IX

Catalog No.:  F-H050
MW: 562.66
CAS: 553-12-8

Description:  Protoporphyrin IX is an intermediate in the Heme synthesis pathway and is formed from Protoporphyrinogen III in a reaction catalyzed by the enzyme Protoporphyrin III oxidase. Iron in the ferrous state is added to Protoporphyrin IX to form heme in a reaction catalyzed by the enzyme ferrochelatase. Protoporphyrin IX has been found to activate guanylate cyclase and has been found to induce apoptosis in HeLa cells.


Protoporphyrin IX is stable for at least one year when stored as a solid, protected from moisture, at -20 °C. Protect from light.


1) Ignarro, L.M., K S Wood, and M S Wolin. (1982) Activation of purified soluble guanylate cyclase by protoporphyrin IX. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. May; 79(9): 2870–2873.
2) Bednarz, N., J. Zawacka-Pankau, et al. (2007). "Protoporphyrin IX induces apoptosis in HeLa cells prior to photodynamic treatment." Pharmacol Rep 59(4): 474-9
3) Strand, A., T. Asami, et al. (2003). "Chloroplast to nucleus communication triggered by accumulation of Mg-protoporphyrin IX." Nature 421(6918): 79.

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