Sphingo Beads Sample pack

Catalog No.:  P-B00Ss


Sample pack of 9 lipid coated beads. Each order of beads includes a small amount of control beads. Each vial contains 0.1mL agarose beads (50% slury in PBS buffer) with 1 nanomole of bound lipid. Larger quantities of control beads are also available for purchase.

Listed below are the 9 beads contained in the sample pack:

P-B000: Control Beads
P-BCer: Ceramide Beads
P-B0SM: Sphingomyelin Beads
L-6101: LPA Beads
S-6100: SphingoBeads
S-6110: S1P Beads
P-BCLP: Cardiolipin Beads
P-BPEth: Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) Beads


  • 4 °C - do not freeze

Being bio-reactive blog: "Lipid-Ligand interaction tools: lipids are not scary intermediates anymore"

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Tech Data Sheet - TDS_P-B00Ss_Rev 4

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