3,3'-Bisoleoyl-LBPA tetrabutylammonium salt

Catalog No.:  L-B182

Description:  Lysobisphosphatidic acids (LBPAs), known also as bis-(monoacylglycerol)phosphates (BMPs) are specialized lipids reported to play a role in intracellular protein and lipid transport in healthy cells. Their accumulation was observed in pathologic liver tissue, and they also serve as antigens for auto-antibody generation in a human autoimmune condition termed antiphospholipid syndrome. Accumulation of LBPAs in intracellular, often multilamellar membranes is related to biomembrane polymorphism which may impact intracellular cholesterol transport.

3,3'-Bisoleoyl-LBPA is the biologically inactive isomer of LBPA


MeOH:CHCl3 (1:1 v/v) > 1mg/mL



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Tech Data Sheet - L-B182

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