Cardiolipin Beads

Catalog No.:  P-BCLP

Description:  Cardiolipin Beads are composed of agarose with 10 nanomoles of bound cardiolipin per 1ml of beads, enough for several protein binding experiments. Each 1 mL order of Cardiolipin Beads includes a small amount of control beads. Larger quantities of Control Beads are also available for purchase.

Product Change Announcement

Echelon Biosciences, Inc. has modified the Cardiolipin Coated Agarose Beads (P-BCLP) by using a different source of Cardiolipin than what was used in previous lots.
The change in lipid should have no affect on the performance of the Beads compared to previous lots.

For technical questions please contact Mike Landward at or call 801-588-0455 ext. 307.


4 °C - do not freeze


Cardiolipin Beads are designed for use in protein pull-down experiments to identify and characterize lipid binding proteins. Possible applications include the isolation of lipid-binding proteins present in a cell lysate or in a mixture of in vitro translated peptides, for separation by SDS-PAGE and further analysis.

Featured in Reference

1) Singh, S. B., W. Ornatowski, et al. (2010). "Human IRGM regulates autophagy and cell-autonomous immunity functions through mitochondria." Nat Cell Biol 12(12): 1154-1165.

Being bio-reactive blog: "Lipid-Ligand interaction tools: lipids are not scary intermediates anymore"

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Tech Data Sheet - TDS_P-Bxxx_Rev 9

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