Anti-Monolysocardiolipin (MCL) Human IgG ELISA

Catalog No.:  K-5100

Description:  The Anti-MCL Human IgG ELISA measures the amount of anti-MCL IgG antibody in serum.

Sample Type: Serum
Assay Incubation Time: 2 hrs

Product Description: Monolysocardiolipin (MCL) is an intermediate in cardiolipin (CL) remodeling in humans. Both CL and MCL are found primarily in mitochondria in healthy cells and at the plasma membrane in cells undergoing apoptosis. For example, apoptotic endothelial cells expose CL and MCL to antigen presenting cells and lymphocytes. Autoantibodies against CL have been found in patients with anti-phospholipid syndrome (APS) and lupus; and are risk factors for recurrent pregnancy loss and pathologic embolism. Anti-CL antibodies have been widely used in APS diagnostics. Because of the structural similarity between CL and MCL, antibodies against MCL might also play an important role in APS.
Echelon's Anti-MCL Human IgG ELISA measures the amount of anti-MCL IgG antibody in serum. Concentration of the anti-MCL antibodies are determined using a standard curve generated from human plasma or serum with known amounts of anti-MCL. The design of Echelon's Anti-MCL Human IgG ELISA allows researchers to study anti-MCL binding with or without associated co-factor proteins. Echelon's Anti-MCL Human IgG ELISA is a robust and simple method to measure anti-MCL in human blood samples.

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Keywords: Monolysocardiolipin, MCL, Lysophospholipids, Cardiolipins.


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