Flow PIPs: Multiplex Lipid Beads

Catalog No.:  P-FB01

Description:  FlowPIPs are microparticles with attached lipids that can be used to determine and study lipid-protein interactions.

Each pack of FlowPIPs contain two mixes of assay particles. Each bead mix, Mix A & Mix B, contains six separately coated beads that vary in both the coating lipid and the fluorescence intensity of the bead, allowing the user to determine if their protein of interest binds with one or more of the bound lipids in a multiplex cytometric format.


2-8 °C. Product is temperature and light sensitive. Do not freeze.

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P-FB01-10ug $ 103.00
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P-FB01-100ug $ 515.00
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Tech Data Sheet - P-FB01

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assay and reagents for drug discovery in lipid signaling pathways