1-palmitoyl-2-hydroxy-sn-glycero-3-phospho-L-serine (16:0)

Catalog No.:  L-3216
MW: 519.54
CAS: 143077-66-1

Description:  Lysophospholipids are lipid mediators which elicit a diverse array of cellular responses through activation of phospholipid specific G protein-coupled receptors. Lysophosphatidylserine (LPS) is a rare lipid present in low concentrations in vivo and recently several specific receptors to it have been identified. LPS has been shown to induce a number of cellular responses including migration, mast cell degranulation, glucose uptake, and NGF-1 differentiation in a number of cell types.


-20 °C or below


1). K. Makide, et al “Novel lysophosphoplipid receptors: their structure and function” Journal of Lipid Research, 2014, 55, 1986-1995.
2) K. Makide, et al, “Emerging lysophospholipid mediators, lysophosphatidylserine, lysophosphatidylthreonine, lysophosphatidylethanolamine and lysophosphatidylglycerol” Prostaglandins and Other Lipid Mediators, 2009, 89, 135-139.

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